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8-10 December 2020
UNSW Media Futures Hub

Andrew Yip

Drones and Deep mapping for Heritage Visualisation

Drones and Deep mapping will screen on Thursday 10th December at 11am (AEDT) as part of the Drone Methods Panel.

This paper explores the use of 3D drone mapping as part of the complex visualisation workflow of an archaeological site in Serbia. It explores not only the application of photogrammetric and orthophotographic techniques to the development of site data and interpretation of the site, but the logistical and cultural challenges faced in deploying a drone in a politically sensitive area.


Andrew Yip's research explores applications for immersive visualisation and experimental digital technologies to the preservation and interpretation of important cultural heritage sites, collections and museums. His is interested in how we can use new media platforms to create new, embodied sensory experiences that allow us to understand heritage in innovative ways. I'm also interested in the mechanics of immersive design.

Andrew works closely with the GLAM sector on digital conservation, exhibition design and interaction design projects. His 2018 exhibition Henry VR at the AGNSW was the Gallery’s first virtual reality and conservation science exhibition, which used VR technologies to not only communicate complicated scientific data to large audiences, but to enable conservators to analyse and interpret cultural material in new ways. Similarly, his 2017 exhibition Sidney Nolan’s Ned Kelly Unmasked: Virtual Reality allowed Heide Museum of Modern Art to communicate the social history of the Heide site and the significance of Nolan’s practice to Australian identity and mythology through the experimental installation.


an interdisciplinary


Drone Cultures
Virtual Symposium
8 - 10 December 2020
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