an interdisciplinary


30 April - 1 May 2020
UNSW Sydney
Keynote: Caren Kaplan (UC, Davis)

Draft Program

The conference will be held in the Esme Timbery Creative Practice Lab within the UNSW Kensington campus 

Thursday, April 30

8.30 - 9am


9 - 9.30am

Welcome to Country/ Opening

9.30 - 11.15am

Panel 1: Drone Militarisms

11 - 11.30am

Morning Tea 

11.30 - 1pm

Panel 2: Drone Concepts

Christine Agius

Posthuman Bordering: The border-work of drones and virtual borders

Sarah Eleazar

Louder than Bombs

James Rogers 

Precision: A very American desire?

Emma Crott

Living Room Wars: Domestic and militarised spaces in the age of the drone

1 - 2pm

Lunch and artist showcase

2 - 3.30pm

Panel 3: Drone Methodologies and Practices

Yanai Tolster

Phantom Subjectivity and Image Operativity

Madelene Veber

Fleeting Decipherments: A reading of the algorithm as cipher

Simon M. Taylor

Fiction Machines 


Afternoon Tea

4 - 5pm

Screening & Discussion

David Beesley

Flying Underground: An ethnographic view of the Melbourne personal drone scene, 2014

Andrew Yip

Drones and Deep Mapping for Cultural Heritage Visualisation

Aaron C. Ligett

Drone-aided Design: A new approach in site exploration, analysis, and visual communication

Vaughan Wozniak-O'Connor

Drone Studies: Fused geospatial and emotional response data-visualisation

Kate Richards 

A Drone Opera

5 - 6.30pm

Public Lecture: Caren Kaplan


Drinks Reception

Friday, May 1

9.30 - 11.15am

Panel 4: Drone Countercultures

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox

Imaginational Metaveillance: Aesthetic design in the drone age

Olga Boichak

Drone Countecultures: Militant craftivism against macroscopic surveillance

Kathrin Maurer

The Drone Sensorium

Mitch Goodwin

The Swarm: Drone as composite technology

11.15 - 11.45am

Morning Tea

11.45 - 1pm

Drone Technologies Round Table

1 - 2pm

Lunch and artist showcase

2 - 3.30pm

Panel 5: Drone Ecologies

Jack Faber

Bird's Eye View: From surveillance to the verge of extinction - critical narratives of interspecies relations 

Jennifer Smith-Mayo

Seeking the Invisible: One researcher's experience with shared engagement using underwater drone camera technology

Adam Fish


3.30 - 3.45pm

Afternoon Tea

3.45 - 5.30 pm

Screening and Papers

Anne Wilson

X Marks the Spot

Michele Barker and Anna Munster

The View from Below

David Chesworth

Drone Warfare Adumbrations in Robert Smithson's Site/Non-site Artworks

Closing Remarks


Dinner - Offsite

 Drone Cultures
Virtual Symposium
8 - 10 December 2020